Need Help Tips: Planting Citrus in AZ

Brian_AZApril 20, 2012

Hi y'all... I just moved to Arizona about a year ago. I want to plant a citrus tree in my parent's backyard in Mesa. More specifically, I want to plant a close relative to the lime, which is the Calamansi (a citrus with origins from the Philippines).

Can this be planted in Arizona soil and sun? My parents have a lemon tree which seems to be doing fine. I just don't know if planting in late April or early May is okay? Or should I keep it in the pot and plant it at a later time? Also, any other tips on selecting a location to plant and additives to the soil?


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No. It's far too frost-sensitive to live here.

You could have it in a container and move it inside, if you had a greenhouse.

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Calamansi can grow here. However, it needs to be grafted onto an appropriate dwarfing rootstock for Arizona, like Flying Dragon and grown close to the house. It is extremely frost sensitive -- it will die at 30 degrees. Unless you can graft and know someone who regularly grafts citrus, this may be quite an undertaking for you.

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Would that Tropical plants place have them?

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You can try Tropica Mango. I'm sure he could probably also order one since he has a citrus import permit. Calamansi also goes by the term "Calamondin" and he might be more familiar with that term. Again, the most important thing with growing one is that it needs to be planted close to the house and protected in winter.

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I have a Calamondin tree I planted in January '10. It is the doing well, even survived the awful freeze we had in the winter of 2010-2011.

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Calamansi could grow and live healthily during summer as long as you just make sure it got water every day. By the way I'm from the Philippines and want to grow calamansi here in luisiana. I wonder if u guys can help me with providing me a seed?

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Raimeiken - z9b - Peoria, AZ

All the info above about its cold hardiness are incorrect.

Calamondin is one of the more cold hardy citrus out there. I have one growing in the backyard right now with tons of fruit and flower all over it.

They can take temps all the way down into the low 20's and somewhere I've read that they can even take it into the teens.

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Not a problem:

edit BTW: I'd consider planting it either in late Sept/early Oct. or late January. Obviously the former would need frost cloth protection in the winter depending upon what microclimate you planted it into. But you get that head start on rooting and growing before summer hits.

Here is a link that might be useful: Calamondin aka Calamansi and various spellings

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