bamboo shoots

guyfrom505February 24, 2007

When will bamboo start to shoot? Does it depend on soil temp, air temp, sunlight? A combination? I am in Albuquerque, borderline 6/7. I have p. nigra and p. aurea. Both did very well theis winter with very minimal leaf damage. A few dry leaves not much though. Tis is my first winter with bamboo so any info would be appreciated.


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Yes, it depends greatly on weather conditions. The soil must reach a certain temperature before shooting goes in ernest. P Nigra as a late shooter, May in the Pacific Northwest. Aurea likely sooner.

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I'm in the north, my bamboo (which I though was P Nigra henon but the culms are turning yellow in the sun) starts shooting around the end of May.

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mersiepoo - henon will turn yellowish in the sun, it is only the older culms that turn to the grayish color you may have been expecting, i've had it for 5 years and it frequently gets nipped back by cold so i have never had any culms that were able to ripen, they start out green and fade to a golden/olive color - i would not let that single factor convince you that yours is not henon. the shoots of the nigra forms are pretty distinct and easy to veryify the id

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Hi Inversa!

Hmm, that is very interesting! I'll have to take a picture of my bamboo later on and post it. Thanks! I thought they gave me the wrong 'boo.

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