WANTED: Seeds or Cuttings wanted or trade.

growdan(10 & 11)April 23, 2009

Hello Everyone I am GrowDan. I live in Florida and have a home in South America.

Looking to trade seeds and/or cuttings with anyone willing.

(What I have to trade).

Gold Finger & Ice Cream Banana pups

South American Lime seeds

Gardenia cutting

Hibiscus cutting

Tea olive cutting

Jasmin (2 different kinds)

Persian Blue Opium Poppy seeds.

Also any South American or American fruit/vegetable seeds or cuttings.Ask me what plant or seeds you want and I'll see if I can find it for you.

(Looking for)

Manzano/Apple Banana pups

Meyer Lemon(seeds or cutting).

Naval Orange (cutting)

Ever Bearing Mulberry (seeds or cutting)

Strawberry (seeds)

Green Beans (seeds)

Celery (seeds)

French Cantaloupe (seeds)

Or any fruits/vegetables that will grow here in the very dry hot weather with no chill factor ever,(10-11)zone.

Let me know what you have or want.



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I am interested in a trade with you.

Please email me privately and we can discuss specifics.


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