HAVE: Musa balbisiana 'Gigantea' seedlings

tropicallvr(11)April 1, 2008


I need to make some room for some of my other seedlings and have an excess of Musa balbisiana 'Gigantea' seedlings. They are about 6 months old, but were crammed in small pots, so they are short and stocky about 5 inches tall with 5-7 leafs.

If anyone wants to trade I would be willing to send a few plants for a plant that is larger than mine are.

I'm looking for Musa manii, and smaller ornamental flowering bananas, Burmese blue, Musa thompsonii, Canna stuggart, Various colocasia, alocasia.

LMK thanks,


PS will also have some Musa sikkimensisXparadisica hybrid seedlings for trade in a while.

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Hi I am interested in your M. sikkimiensis. I have some Cuban red apple banana, rosea, red and white tumeric gingers, galanga ginger, cardamom ginger, peach color and white butterfly ginger, pink Brugmansia, some bamboos, herbs, pre-bonsai, temperate forest floor plants like wild ginger, virginia bluebells, red trillium and others. Let's talk!

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I have some palm seed and Triangle palm seedlings.

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Hi Kyle,

I'm interested in balbisian if it's not too late. I have pink stem colocasia, I think.


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