HAVE: rare bananas

pluputer(9)June 25, 2009

i have several ae ae's, a few siam rubies,--what have you?

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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

What are you interested in trading for?

The AeAe you can sell for at least $120 a pup.
This is a very rare and tempting offer for some people.

You have no trade history.... I see only 3 other posts from you since you have joined, and just one was not offering very rare and expensive things for trade. Maybe you should start trading regular things first, establish a history etc.

I don't mean to imply anything bad, but I want other GWebber's to be aware. As a general rule, it is "odd" when someone with no trade experience is willing to trade things that are rare or expensive their first time out. Unfortunately, it has happened many times in the past that GW members have gotten "taken" by trade requests like these- they send their trade and the rare and wonderful thing from the other trader never comes. I am not saying this offer is not on the up and up, but it is just a warning to less experienced GW'ers to be aware. I have seen bad things happen over and over again with offers like these.
For example:

Pluputer- As a new trader, it would be great if you could send your end of the trade first, so other traders know this trade is for real. To make you feel more comfortable with it, you could require trade with previous GW trade comments only etc.

Welcome, and good luck with your trades!

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I appreciate your comments-however I am NOT a collector of "everyday" plants. I am a licensed horticulturist and 81 years old,. I have what I claim to have otherwise WHATS THE USE OR GAIN AS A COLLECTOR OF RARE PLANTS???By the way --your estimate as to the value of an AE AE pup is too expensive--With what I have just typed--You are correct-- BUYER BEWARE!!!

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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

That is nice to know that you are a collector of rare plants. I am also. There are a number of people on this forum with rare and wonderful things. I hope nobody (you or someone else) gets taken by bad trades (which I have had happen to me in the past- it is not a nice feeling). I just hope to avoid it happening to anyone else.

What are you looking for trade-wise? You haven't made a trade page.

Do not take offense- I did not write anything untrue or derogatory about you. I checked your history and just posted a warning for everyone (yourself included) and some suggestions for new traders (yourself included).

And as an FYI- I know the value of AeAe's. I bought mine about 4 years ago for $99 and I now sell my extras on Ebay for fixed price $115. They sell within a few hours of being listed, so people feel they are more than worth that amount. Others sellers sell them for anywhere from $99 to way more. If you are selling them/valuing them for less, that is your choice. But what something is "worth" is what someone is reasonably willing to pay for it- $120 is about right, since they still are pretty rare to the average person. Do a web search for selling prices for yourself. If somewhere in zone 9 these rare tropicals are so plentiful that they are valuing/selling for so much less, then good for you. You may want to spread the word and sell them for this new cheap value, so everyone can save. Check out this guy in Florida that gives them away to everyone so the price does not get too crazy. http://togofcoralgables.com/MyAeAesBrother.aspx

All the best in your trades and I agree- Everyone beware! Trading rare plants is not for the squeamish!

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Again-Thanks for the follow-up.I tried to go to YOUR site but instead I got a PLANT NURSERY (not your name)??Are you a hobbist or a money making venture?I checked you --just as you did me --Thank you for your concern for the "GROUP" Donald Hudson Louisiana Horticulturist license #220.

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As an afterthought--You inquired as to my "wants" ,.I'm wanting a variegated (BAH-ZOO) basjoo without going to Germany. You have it?If so, we can talk more. Don Hudson

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keiki(10 FL)

Are you interested in anything else? I have lots of tropicals, edibles and some orchids.

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Since I do not have any real valuable plants (except for 2 alpine strawberry plants) and no way to bid on something, I would be willing to trade a dwarf orinoco banana tree pup, white soul, pineapple crush, mignonette and a fraggolia de bosco alpine strawberry plants and a 10 in. white Veitnamiese dragon fruit cutting. Please at least concider it?


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Sorry, shish i hate it when i forgot the most imporatnt thing to a post. The trade is concideration for a possible ae ae pup? Hey, at least I try!

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I do have a few banana trees available for trade but they are probably considered common for you(Dwarf Cavendish, Maurelli Musa, and Blood Banana). If any of these are tempting then I would love to add an Ae Ae and a Siam Musa to my collection. The other gentleman that you were speaking with in your post stated that Ae Ae's should sell for $120. I do understand that rare plants fetch a higher price tag, but for $120 it should not be a pup and it better take care of me. In all seriousness though... Rare plants should be expensive when you sell it to someone who will be breeding and be making money off of them. But when someone is interested in just enjoying them for what they are then I do not think the high price is just.
If you are not interested in any of my bananas for a trade then I would be prepared to offer any other plants that I have available for trade. I have P.Caerulea which is a very nice looking Passiflora. I have some cannas that grow to between 7 - 12 feet tall(I do not know the cultivar but some have red flowers and some have yellow, these have green foliage). I also have orange, red, and peach cannas available(these only get between 3-7ft tall with bronze/redish foliage). I have 2 year old tree peonies(I do not know the cultivar but they have pink single flowers with a yellow center). I have a few types of crinum lilies C.Powellii and C.Bulbspermum ('Hannibals Dwarf', 'JC Harvey', 'Album', and 'Chessmaster'). I have 2 different Amorphallus'('Konjac' and A.Paeniifollious). I have about 8 different types of Euphorbia Millii(various hybrids). I have 6 different types of Hoya to share cuttings of or root cuttings of. I have a 2 ft yellow Plumeria available(just a stick now with a few leaves and I do not know the cultivar). I also have large gardens at 2 different locations here in VA so if you name some plants I may have them. I also have tons of noid plants including daylilies, irises, and more if none of my others interest you.
Thank you in advance for considering trading with me.

By the way I have traded online before and am very familiar with best practices regarding shipping and packaging... So if you had any questions feel free to ask.
Oh yeah I forgot to mention that I also have a few texas red yucca babies available(these prove to be very remarkable in my VA gardens).

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Hello Mr. Hudson,

I have a Dwarf Namwah and a Dwarf Orinoco to trade.
They are still under 15" tall & haven't been through their first year yet.
The DO's are doing fabulous, while the DN's have just been repotted.
The DO's have received one round of fertilizer so far and as far as the DN's,
I am increasing the amount of sunlight they get per day until they reach full sun like the DO's.

Outside of the trades though sir, I would love to lean on your expertise.
It is wonderful to find someone willing to share both the knowledge and plants,
passing on what they know and the joy of taking care of them and seeing them grow.

Thank you, ~Cheryl

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