propagating Jakaranda

softmentor(z9/sunset13 CA desert)April 28, 2011

I love my Jakaranda this time of year. They are blooming wonderfully! I have one tree that is a little shorter that all the rest and must have twice as many blooms. (I'm guessing all that work making blooms instead of leaves is why it's shorter, but what ever the reason, it is.)

well, I would like to propagate the tree with more flowers but so far my attempts to take cuttings and root them have not been successful. I have done fig, pomegranates, roses and others successfully, but this one is not going well. Anyone have experience with Jakaranda or have any tips?

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you are spelling it wrong, which means you can't find much.

look for jacaranda tree propagation on google and information is there.

Supposedly, "You can propagate the jacaranda using softwood cuttings, grafting and seeds."

Try softwood cuttings (this spring's growth, fresh and soft) with and without rooting hormone, in sand beds.

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