JoecdFebruary 14, 2013

Hello everyone. I planted about 30 bamboo plants in April 2012. They were a wild from southeast Pa. The bamboo that I picked from were about 30 feet tall 2.5 inch in diameter. I dug up and replanted approx. 30 plants with roots. They have spread throughout the summer but are very tiny. (2 feet high) what should I expect for this next growing season which is only a couple of months away? I'm hoping for as much growth as possible. Please help.

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After transplanting, it will take a few years to get the rhizomes back to a large enough size to support large topgrowth.

Here in Texas, depending on the variety, it could take 5 years, maybe more, to get back to that large size.

Fertilizing and making sure it has enough water during dry spells will help speed this up.


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I was going to dig up some bamboo this spring and transplant it. Can I dig up roots and cut stem off at about 2 feet high? Won't the bamboo just spread by root matter? I want to do this so I can transport it easier.

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Yes, you can do it that way. The larger the rootball and the more topgrowth you leave, the better chance of survival.

I've done that before and cut the culm off below any nodes with stems. It was the following year before it put up new shoots, though.


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