HAVE: Banana Trees

Angelicisi(8)July 7, 2012

I have Banana Trees. They get LARGE! The ones pictured are about 4 months old. I have large lots like this all over the property and small young ones too ( only 1-3ft high right now)they WILL get large tho, they don't stay small for long.

The adults here are 14-16ft with huge leaves in light shades of green. The only maint I give them here it I trim off yellowing leaves. Each plant I have here keeps making lil ones! As do the lil ones once they hit about 4-5ft tall.

I am new to this but the small ones ship fairly easily. I have sizes from 4inches to 16ft. Not interested in getting the giants out of the ground right now tho ;-)

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amelia_pepper_lady(8B/9 LA)

What do you want in trade?

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I love color, flowers/foilage, have veggie gardens, fruit trees and tropicals down! Looking to do lotsa color and have space.

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I would love one of your banana tree pups! I have some tricolor ginger, cannas, jade, schefflera, christmas cactus, cuttings, tons of veggie seeds, just name what your looking for. :)

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That'd be awesome. Just started cannas and want a variety :-) I have tons of plants avail for trade just haven't had the time to post offers in each catagory :-( busy season here of some great projects! But bananas I have an abundence of all sizes...happy to trade pups that are easily shipped (foot or less in size usually in a flat rate box and I can get a few in a box :-) Have larger ones but not sure about shipping or costs...don't have a lot of money to burn for larger shipping due to weight i'd think they're costly but never looked into it.

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Would also be interested. Thanks for consideration.

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Hey do you have a bannana plant thats ready to grow bannanas?Would that be one of ur large plants?And how much would you like for one of them?Please get back to me asap thanks!

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