have: M. Lasiocarpa aka Golden Lotus or Chinese Yellow

janan16(8b TX)July 19, 2009

I have Musella Lasiocarpa also known as: Chinese yellow or Golden Lotus. This type of banana plant grows to 6' feet and is hardy to 10 degrees F. when mulched sufficiently to protect from extreme cold. It does not produce a fruit. It does produce outstanding banana foliage and a proliferation of extremely large, erect, yellow flowers that are very showy and can last to 6 months or better.

I pulled this off the internet: The Chinese Yellow Banana is a rare variety of banana from Yunnan, China. In its native land, the banana grows in high mountain regions with an elevation of 8,000 feet! Musella lasiocarpa has lovely blue-green foliage, but it's grown for its large yellow flower which lasts up to 6 months! After flowering, tiny fruits may appear with dark, black seeds. This banana multiplies quickly producing many pups throughout the year. The Yellow Banana is a very unique and unusual banana for any garden and is very easy to grow.

I would like to trade for Dwarf Orinoco or Raja Puri (or possibly other bananas that I don't have).

This is a good size plant. The pseudo stem is about the size of my wrist at the base and right now with all the leaves it is about 3 1/2 feet tall. It also has a 7 inch pup attached. The pup is too small to separate and trade. I will have to trim the leaves to ship unless you are in the Austin area for an in person swap. I would like to receive about the same in trade. If interested please let me know. ~Jeanann

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gymnmore(z8, LA)

Sending you an e-mail ~ Judy

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