I am new to AZ

vickijApril 9, 2011

I am new to AZ and live in Carefree. Can you suggest the best books to read that will give me a great introduction to gardening and landscaping in AZ?

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Hi Vicki!

I'm not new to AZ but I am new to gardening. I have been using the Arizona Master Gardener's manual for reference online at times. It's free to view online at the link below. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Arizona Master Gardener Manual

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grant_in_arizona(USDA Z9 Scottsdale AZ)

Welcome to Arizona and the forum. We hope to see a lot of posts from you. :)

I LOVE the books that thisisme suggested. I've got each one of them and really love them. One other one to think about is Palm Springs Garden Style which has tons of great pics, plus the sort of personal gardening plant experiences that only someone from our climate would know about and describe. I'll put a link to it online below, but most larger local bookstores should have a copy too.

Let us know which books you read and which you find useful and helpful, and keep us posted on your garden!

Welcome again,

Here is a link that might be useful: Palm Springs Style Gardening

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I have used Native Plants for Southwestern Landscape by Judy Mielke. She is a local landscape designer. Also The Arizona Low Desrert Flower Garden by Kirti Mathura is helpful for flowering plants.

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Don't trust any book. We run a nursery out here and have so many people come to us asking for items that just don't make it out here! Your best bet is go to a local nursery and see what they have. On average we get approximately 10 calls a week for plants and trees that just don't fly in our climate. Thanks JP

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I just finished Extreme Gardening. It was OK. But kind of repetitive. He could have written it in about twenty pages since he repeated the same thing so much.

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Dont rely to much on books. Learn stuff online, and from books, then figure out what methods are good for you.

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