A Plethora of Lady Jane

mnwsgal 4 MN(4)March 4, 2012

In 2010 I bought 16 bulbs at Lowe's (all but one at clearance). including a Lady Jane and a Susan (which some said bloomed Lady Jane), in hopes of getting at least one Lady Jane.

Most of the clearance bulbs did not bloom and spent the summer outside. Early in February I potted up a those bulbs with scapes starting to push up thinking I would have a variety of blossoms to enjoy during the grey days of February.

Susan bloomed dark Lady Jane.

Christmas Story bloomed pale Lady Jane

Denver bloomed pale Lady Jane

Lady Jane, bloomed last year as Lady Jane, is about to bloom.

Sold as Vera last year but bloomed Lady Jane is about to bloom.

That is FIVE Lady Janes and all with two scapes so I will have Lady Jane blooms for some time.

The other bulb blooming is Flamenco Queen with two blooms left on the third scape.

Pasadena, which did not bloom last year, and a NOID, not from Lowes, have buds.

I am hoping that none of the eight varieties left from Lowe's that did not bloom last year are not Lady Jane.

Think I have enough!

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Pictures please......................................

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As lovely as Lady Jane is, you might have a few too many!! Maybe you can give a few away next year as gifts!! I've had a lot of mislabels this year too and I bought mine at a nursery..what I though was a long awaited Hercules looks like another Pink Diamond..I seem to be ending up with extras of varieties I didn't want extras of, and I know I won't be able to part with any of them...Oh well, such is the life of a hippie addict...


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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Sigh, another Lady Jane. This was supposed to be Pasadena.
The second scapes have all been darker blossoms. All lovely.

The NOID bulb bloomed and is Apple Blossom.

Sorry no photos as my camera is broken.

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I sympathize! I purchased a couple Appleblossoms that turned out to be Minervas. I contacted the company that sold them to let them know that one of the Minerva I purchased from them had red blotch and 2 Appleblossoms were mislabled. They sent replacements for all three bulbs... three more Minervas! So, I have Minervas coming out of my ears and not a single Appleblossom!!!

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Sounds like a amaryllis swap might be in order. Mine are just starting to bloom, so far I have 4 that are blooming. Lady Jane, Anthropia, Donau, and Red lion, just 36 more to go. I will label them as they bloom. I will have some noid in the bunch, I know for sure. I also got mine in Lowes in 2010. I have been waiting almost 2 years to see what I actually have, I will post pictures once they really get blooming. Barbra

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I feel bad for you, it brings a literal meaning to "You get what you wish for", sometimes our wishes get a little muddled up or magnified!

Good thing 'Lady Jane' is beautiful!

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