HAVE: Have Hoyas, Brugmansias, more for Bananas

SmokyMist(7 East TN)August 25, 2008

Ok the Banana bug has bit me...I'm looking for trades for good healthy bananas. Here is my list of haves.

agapanthus blue storm

The Hoyas and Aralias are older plants, very mature, good sizes, sending entire plant for trade. Some are 4-5 year old hoyas, that I have just decided not to grow anymore.

Hoya Shepherdii Minibel

Hoya Publicauyx Red Buttons

Variegated Leaf Hoya


Aralia Species


Crinum Lily Bulbispornum


Kalanchoe 'Pinnata'

Kalanchoe 'Blossfeldinia' Red bloom

Many different cacti and sedums ( all named )

Colocasia 'Illustris'

Also have lots of perennials if anyone is interested

Named Daylilies, lilies, etc.

Named Brugmansias

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i have a siam ruby banana please send me a list of your brugs thxs

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Hi Smoky,

I am interested in your 3 hoyas. I can offer ice cream, dwarf plantain, super dwarf cavendish, and possibly grand nain (if there's a healthy pup!)

Email me back if you're interested in any of these.


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