Lovage and other herbs

tracydr(9b)April 3, 2011

I'd like to try growing lovage here in the valley. Has anyone done this? Also, celery. I have an area near the house that I have a parsley patch which survived the summer last year, it gets 3-4 hours sun a day and I can keep it moist. When should it be planted, late summer?

Also have some seeds for summer savory, bergamot and anise that I'd like to try. Are these fall planted?

I'm assuming my echinacea seeds are spring planted for summer flowers but again, have no idea.

I tried going to the AZ Herb growers website but looks like you have to be a paying member to get much info.

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I've grown Lovage, but it can't make it through the summer. I wish we could grow it year round because we use it a lot.

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Thanks, good to know. Guess I'll wait until I move to OK.

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