WANTED: White Iholene, Ha'a, Haa Haa

antbeez6September 4, 2008

Hello. I have cuttings of Monstera deliciosa albo variegata and I will have pups of Ice cream blue java banana, Red Iholene banana, Rose banana, and Dwarf Nam Wah banana to offer. I am looking for White Iholene, Ha'a, Haa Haa, and Dwarf white Iholene banana plants. If you are feeling generous, I am also looking for Ae Ae. Thanks.

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I forgot to mention I will also have a dwarf banana plant pup (the mother plant has a red stem, green leaves with red spots that soon disappear, and it is only one foot tall of pseudostem). I am also looking for Red Siam Ruby and Thai Black Balbisiana bananas. Thanks again.

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I do not have any of the banana types that you are looking for,... but since you received no replies or offers,...and after all this is an exchange forum,.. I thought that would at least offer what I have. I have "Orinoco" pups and should also have Super Dwarf Cavendish pup to trade if you are interested. I would love to trade for a couple of the Ice Cream Blue pups if you are interested.

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