WANTED: 50 varieties for trade

pitangadiego(San Diego, CA)November 28, 2005

I have almost 50 varieties that I am willing to trade, if you have a fruting variety which I do not.

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I have a couple I didn't see on your list. Are you interested in dwarf plantain or nino? If so I am interested in your other fruit (no more naners), what do you have rooted?

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Hello there,

I have a Cuban Plum tree, that was smuggled by a familly member from cuba. I dont know a species name, all I know is that I havent seen it before. I would snap a picture for you but it drops all its leaves in the winter. I'll check on it regularly and try and get a picture when it sprouts new growth. it has tiny flowers on the "trunk"/branches and fruits there. The fruits are red and pretty tasty and have an odd shaped seed.

You have one specific plant I am dieing to grow here in Florida, Musa ae ae.

Let me know if your interested. E-mail me directly at: Reefenvy@reefenvy.com

Kindest Regards,

Juan-Carlos Munoz
Miami, Florida

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tickledmink(z5 MI)

I am very new to gardening but have always wanted a banana plant every since I went to Florida as a young child...lets say over 30 years ago LOL. I don't have anything spectacular to offer except some thornless raspberries...these are very tasty and no thorns. I would love a small banana plant that can be potted and taken inside in the winter as I live in Michigan. It would be great to get actual fruit, if that is possible, so my grandkids can see where bananas come from. This seems to be their favorite fruit. If interested in the raspberries please let me know.

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I have Italian Honey White Fig and others I do not see on your list.

Do you have a red leaf Dwarf Banana that stays about 3'?

Do you have Ae Ae pup?

Here is a link that might be useful: exchange link

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