recommend everything please for a bamboo screen

larsalanFebruary 27, 2013

I am new to all this bamboo and I'm getting lost in all the variety and technique.
I am wanting to do a landscaping job for a customer where we build a screen out of bamboo.

I've read on how to make a rizome barrier. Now, there are hurdles in this project.
The grade of the yard requires pretty tall bamboo. There is a 7ft fence there now and it's not blocking much. We may want in excess of 20-25ft.
Also, there are some huge old oaks right near where the screen is to be built!
So, do we want to try and make a full screen with a running bamboo? Or try and get some clumping sets to fill in little pockets near the trees?

And where can we get some transplants of whatever species we decide on? I had asked a local landscaping house but they said the only plants they sell will top out at 8ft tall.

Ok thanks in advance.

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Where are you? Bloomington, IN?

What is your hardiness zone?


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ya bloomington. So we are zone 6a

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I doubt that you will find a clumping bamboo that will reach 20 feet in your area.

Here is a nursery in Indiana, they may be able to answer your questions better since they are closer to you.

Needmore Bamboo Company
Nashville, IN 47448
Brad Salmon

"Growing 150+ species in southern Indiana zone 5b/6. Contact me in early spring for availability of custom dug rare/collector species. Visit by appointment only."

Here is a link that might be useful: Click Here.

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larry_c(z6 Stl. Mo.)

I have clumping bamboo that is 20 feet or better here in St. Louis.

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Larry, what kind is it, or can you post a pic of it?


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