Golden Goddess cold damage

suze9(z8b Bastrop Co., TX)February 28, 2007

Last fall, I planted several plants for a hedge. The part of Texas I live in doesn't experience that many freezes, and the few we get are rather mild.

Well, wouldn't you know the very year I decide to add some Golden Goddess, we have an unusually harsh winter. First an early freeze -- I was hoping for a little more time for all my fall plantings to "lock in" before that happened. Then, several freezes, including a couple that got close to 20F.

The culms on most of them are still green and feel firm, but the leaves are not -- there is obvious damage. Some are more damaged than others.

Wondering if I should go ahead and cut them back or wait and see what happens. (Pictures available upon request)

And if I cut them back, how long does it take for them to push out new growth (and at what rate)?

These are large plants (purchased in 5 gallon containers).

Grateful for any advice.

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I would leave them and see if the culms re-leaf or branch once its gets consistently warmer, say May; unless of course you want to cut them back.

Mike near Brenham TX

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Once Golden Goddess is established they are relatively cold hardy. I am in a colder winter zone than you and mine must be able to regularly endure temps down to 20F. in the winter, a few times down to 10F and very rarely down to 0F. Mine look fine despite temps down to about 10F. this year and a few very windy days. (Mine get a lot of rain or snow thoughout the seasons though--which bamboos love.) I would leave the bamboo alone and very shortly they will resprout new leaves (unless the culms died--which I doubt). Being that your bamboos where just planted, they are more sensitive to the environment. Regular watering will help them root in and endure dry periods. (Bamboos are relatively drought tolerant once ESTABLISHED.) Good luck!

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suze9(z8b Bastrop Co., TX)

Thanks for the advice. I will wait and see what it does.

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suze9(z8b Bastrop Co., TX)

I thought I would post a followup to this thread.

The plants are fine. The vast majority of the culms finally pushed out new growth after dropping the old leaves. Slow going, though -- this has been an unseasonably cold and cloudy spring, with a couple of late (near) frosts.

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