High Winds

campvApril 8, 2013

Ok enough already!
These winds are ruining my newly planted vegtables and flowers. I had to retrieve all the patio chairs along with the BBQ cover. The pool looks like crap. My Zucs and Cucs are 4" tall and bending side ways. I hope their stems hange in there. I am losing fruit on the apricot -Darn
Just went and checked lost two Cucs already and had to retrieve the tomato cages. NG
Camp Verde

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I'm in Brawley, CA and it's super windy here today too. I just planted a couple fig trees over the weekend. Hope they hold up :(

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xill- Brawley, use to live in N. San diego C. Hope those figs hold up. Did you get those figs @ HD? We saw some great looking figs @ HD in Prescott az. HD is not my favorite but sometimes the place works.
We planted a bare root nectarine over the weekend it seems to be ok with the wind, but it also has no leaves.

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i love north county! everything from mission beach to carlsbad is great. i lived in south bay (imperial beach) for a few years. it was nice but not as nice as north co. I actually bought the figs at a local hardware chain out here. So far my Lowes & HD haven't received their figs yet. i'm hoping they do well, they were field grown and have HUGE leaves, which are at the moment looking sad. i'm hoping they perk up in the next few days. i just received some cuttings in the mail today too that i'm anxious to get in the ground...

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DWA in AZ Sunset zone 12(9a Tucson AZ)

If anyone here is east of Tucson, please say hello to my back yard as it blows past!

We had the bermuda grass removed and some sand-laid brick patio being repostioned, so there's a lot of bare ground back there.

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lakedweller -so sorry about the back yard.
xill -Carlsbad was home town
We got a small dusting of snow in the mountains around us and it rained from late afternoon till this morniing. Temp did not get below 45, thats good for the fruit and veggies that didn't get damaged.

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Total losted- 2 tomato plants -3 cucumber - 1 yellow squash- 1 zuc- 5 sweet pea and I hope thats all.

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Centurion_(Verde Valley AZ Z8)

Since temps have been warmer than usual, I planted tomatoes and squash last month here in Cottonwood.

I've had to cover them at night due to low temps a time or two...but yesterday was the first time I ever covered them in the middle of the day due to high winds.

So far...no losses..

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Their back!!!!!!!!
Ok enough is enough
2 days in a row with the gutters humming the patio chairs moving on their own and now retreiveing the trash cans.
Will it ever stop?

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Centurion_(Verde Valley AZ Z8)

Same here in Cottonwood, campv. Gettin tired of protecting and covering tomatoes, squash, and some of my newly planted fruit trees.

This blows.

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I have never had winds take down a bareroot, nor a healthy tree with a canopy either. And I don't stake.

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Centurion_(Verde Valley AZ Z8)

Good for you. Wind gusts can and do break young branches here...I've had it happen. they can also beat up and tear off new leaves on young trees.

I prefer to prune on MY scheduel. :-)

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Centurion agree
I have had the same thing happen. Maybe Fascit does not get the winds we do or maybe the trees are a lot more protected.
This morning I found snapped off rose buds across the yard along with small branches from the top of my satsuma plum along with its quarter size fruit. The tree is 8 years old. So keep on protecting your little babys they need it from these hurricane winds.

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Centurion_(Verde Valley AZ Z8)

Temps forcast into the low to mid 30's with winds gusting over 20 mph again tonight, campv. Throw in our low humidity and you know it's going to be hard on plants and young trees that are just begining to come out of dormancy.

Batten down the hatches brother.

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In Arizona I have lost trees do to the wind. I have also last branches. When we purchased our house we lost a double staked tree. The wind broke the tree and the stakes went down with it. In our back yard I lost a small new scaffold branch that was in the perfect place and growing so nicely. Just at the right height and angle. I was thinking to myself just how well I was training the tree. Yesterday the sucker broke off right at the point of attachment.

Thisisme hoping a new grows out as nice as the last one. I know there is at least a chance one will but I'm a little bummed.

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