Surprise in my basjoo (not a pup).

JonathanUT(5b)January 8, 2014

I have been watching my potted Musa, just kind of sitting there, begging for attention. I know it's winter and all, but it has been indoors since it got cold. It seems as if it has had some growth spurts, producing probably around 6 new leaves each month, including the growth on the pups.

It has been in its pot since it was new, repotted in the early spring. It lived on the deck during the summer, and was never set on the ground or grass. Its soil was looking pretty bad, and I had noticed it seemed to be shrinking. I decided I would refresh it, and try to steal a pup from the mother. As I scooped the loose soil off the surface I found a surprise just below the surface, centipedes! Saw around five of them, but there are probably more, hiding, waiting.

I'm all for having supporting life around my plants, but centipedes are just creepy. This is the first time I have seen them, and never on the plant, or on the surface around it. What would they be eating? Do I want to try to keep them (even though they are inside?!?)?

Here is a link that might be useful: YouTube

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It's common for centipedes to get into outside pots through the drain holes. They're after slugs and other critters living in the soil. They're harmless to the plant.

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The only insect I ever say near the banana was some fungus gnats, maybe they were after them? The centipedes seemed to be living in the top inch or so of the soil. I took that off to steal a pup (not the best idea in January), and I haven't seen any more since.

No more centipedes, and one extremely slow growing pup. :)

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