Oldhamii and Golden Goddess Growth Potential?

newbamboonutFebruary 6, 2014

Hello fellow Boo zen masters. Well, not me since I am posing the question. I got tired of watching my Oldhamii live a pot confined life in a greenhouse and window in my home's zone 7, so I moved a few to a rental property in a hotter zone (near Sacramento, CA, zone 9b.) I was curious if anyone had experience growing Oldhamii and Golden Goddess here because I am really curious to know what kind of growth I can expect. The plantings have full sun and irrigated water and presently only have pencil sized 4ft. canes or so. I put them in the ground last week and am hoping for some monster shoots on the Oldhamii in these conditions (wetter winters, and hot 100 degree plus summers.) I have attached a picture of one of the oldhamiis to this message. It is next to the rock in the photo. Thanks so much!

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Here in 8b Texas, the oldhamii gets over 40 feet in height and took 3 to 4 years to reach that height. That area might be a bit small for an oldhamii but you could keep it thinned out and it would be OK but may not get to it's full height.

Golden Goddess will reach it's full height in the same amount of time and reach a height of about 14 feet here.

Keep us posted on it's growth.


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Thanks Kentuck! I would have guessed that because it's a clumper, the fact that it has 3 feet in every direction to grow would be more than enough. Ideally would it need more than that to develop a root mass strong enough to reach its genetic potential? That and given the fact that it will get a lot of heat, sun, and is in sandy loam makes me think that the growth will be much greater than that.

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