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lulu2(9)April 27, 2012

Hi all,

In my new house I have a beautiful Palo Brea Tree that I asmume in 20 years old or more, in full wonderful bloom at this time:)

My enterance to my house is facing south and in needing much shade there, I planted another Palo Brea Tree there to give much needed shade, last Oct. The tree is doing great and blooming at the same time as the older tree in the back yard. However, the wonderful tree in the back yard has no thorns, but the new tree in the front does. Is this the same tree? Will it grow the same way?

Thanks for any advise. It's not to late to pull out the young tree and start again:( I don't want to wait years and wish I would have planted another kind of tree.

Hugs and again thanks for any advise,,, Mary

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Mary, are you sure it's a palo brea? There is a thornless palo verde hybrid that looks pretty similar. I'm not certain if there's a thornless palo brea hybrid out there. If it is a Desert Museum palo verde, they grow about the same way, I've found the palo verde grows a bit faster. Just make sure you keep the palo verde thinned out and don't overwater. They have a habit of blowing over during monsoon.

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Hi Sheri,
Humm. Last year I wrapped the old Palobrea trunks with white lites and I remember getting scrached up a bit. I will go out and check it out more. Old hubbie said it didn't have thornes, but then he doesn't work in the yard, lol. I'll get back to you:) Thanks for your response,,, Hugs,,,,,,,Mary

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Hi Sherri,
I had an arborist come out last year to thin the (what I belive is a Paobrea tree) and he said that is what it is. Is there hybrid that doesn't have thorns??????\

My o My,,, I'm so confussed. Much appreciation for any input.......Hugs..............

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Mary, I think the best way to figure this out is to first closely check to see if both trees have thorns. Check the newer parts as they usually have the most thorns. If both have thorns you probably have two palo breas, like you originally thought. If one doesn't have thorns, that one is most likely a palo verde hybrid.

With that said though, native palo verdes have thorns too.

Palo verdes also tend to have 'bendier' branches. My palo breas have a more stiff movement than the palo verdes, which has newer branches that sort of whip and flop around in wind.

Confused yet? ;) Or you could post some photos and maybe we can figure it out.

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