Arabian Lavendar

tspaggApril 12, 2006

I am trying to find the botanical name of Arabian Lavendar. It is a shrub with bright purple leaves. We saw it on the garden tour and that is all the owner of the property knew. It is a stunning plant.

Terry in Scottsdale

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I believe it is Vitex Trifolia

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Here's an answer to the Arabian Lavender question from the arid_gardener list serve.

I was a co-captain at garden #6 on the garden tour and also made up the plant list. I believe the plant you are refering to is the Arabian Lilac (it was identified as Arabian Lavender) that was growing in the center bed of the front yard. It's botanical name is Vitex Trifolia 'Purpurea' the top of the leaves are green while the underside is purple. It can be found at Summerwinds Nurseries and is grown by Monrovia. If you go to you can find photos and growing tips.

Christine Bahto
Master Gardener, Maricopa County, U of A Cooperative Extension

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Thank you so much. Who would think lilac in AZ.


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They also have this at Berridge's and Tera's nursery.

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my arabian lavendar is looking very droopy and watering is not helping. does anyone have a remedy?

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