varigated banana seeds

tonymusa(england)January 23, 2006

I have a question, can two different clones of variegated basjoo cross pollenate and produce seeds that germinate into variegated plants, the reason i ask is because i believe "fuji-yama variegata" is a different clone to my plant, i think my plant is cloned from basjoo sakhalin it is a stockier plant than normal basjoo, and has thicker leaves and petiole wings, if the variegation is caused by a virus, would the virus then be present in the seeds, i have tried propergating normal basjoo seeds before, but because they were from the same cloned material they were not fertile, i would be gratfull for any advice , all the best, Tony.

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Gabe15(z3-4 CO)

The variegation will not transfer thru to the seedlings. If they cross pollinate, you will get normal, green basjoo seedlings.

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have you tried this, gabe15, with variegated bananas were they are not related, not unlike ae-ae were they are all the same clone, thanks, tony

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miamimax(z 10-11 FL)

fuji yama basjoo is, (or was- if it even exists anymore?), an albo variegata, and came from tissue culture grown in a nursery in france as I recall? What coloration does your Basjoo have? white or yellow? Somatic variegation can be seen in lots of forms. Not only in different patterns,i.e., splashed, sectored, striped, striated, margined, etc., but also in color variations; pure yellow variegates (aureates), yellow variegatas (yellow and green),cream colored variegates (creams, yellow, white, and green variegation), white variegates(Etiolates) white and shades of green (albo variegata), and green on green variegates. They are all the same Musa (Basjoo), just different tissue mutations.You can also have red coloration in mutant tissue. I have had variegated Ensete Maurelli with red, white, yellow, cream, and greens that are amazing. I would think that it would be easier to get different mutations from the suckers of mutant Basjoo than to cross pollinate the variegated forms together. The seed , if any developed, would probably have way too much mutant tissue from both parents and not survive even if they germinated.

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