Picking Bananas

dickcJanuary 31, 2009

I have the first bananas on my tree. I heard that if they ripen on the tree they will not have any taste. How do I know when to pick? I heard you pick them green and then put in a garage under a blanket to ripen. Can I pick them individually or do I have to pick the entire stalk? The ones at the top of the stalk are the biggest so I am assuming that I pick these first.

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stevexyz(Dallas, TX 8)

DO NOT PICK THE BANANAS INDIVIDUALLY!!! They will all need to grow and fill out before harvest or you will kill the bottom bananas that you have not harvested on the stalk. If you have not done so yet fertilize with organic high potassium and nitrogeen fertelizer and cut the flower off at the bottom where there is no longer being bananas being produced. this will help the lower bananas to fill out before harvest. you will also want ti cit the tree at about 2 inches above the ground because they will only flower and fruit once, but the pups(shoots) will grow and eventually fruit too. But remember they will only flower and fruit but the pups off the mother(Original) plant will grow and flower too. check out this link it should be very helpful: http://www.centralfloridafarms.com/bananacare.htm


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