Leaf damage

gardener1(6)February 16, 2011

Will leaf damage set my bamboos back? I don't believe the buds were damaged, just the leaves and they aren't completely dry. They still have a little life left in some of them. I have many different species and they all took a hit this year. Even some of my hardiest boos got wind burnt. Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I think it depends on what species it is and how far developed they are. Some bamboos are supposed to bounce back stronger despite annual top-kill. I kind of have the same thing except the dependable snow cover has protected some of them throughout most of winter, and I've never seen them leaf burn as badly as they did this winter.

If the culms are still alive, I believe the stored energy in the culms can still be used to push out larger shoots. What species do your have?

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steve, I have many different species P. vivax aureocaulis, aureosulcata, A. spectabilis, nigra, nigra henon, aurea, heteroclada, nuda, moso, A. aureocaulis, bissetti, rubromarginata, castillonis, atrovaginata. Psuedosasa Japonica, Pleioblastus fortunei, pleioblastus viridistriatus, sasaella masamuneana albostriata, brachystachyum densiflora, fargesia rufa and scabrida,Arundinaria Gigantea(larger one) and I also have what I believe is Otatea acuminata aztecorum, but I've been told that it is Muhly Grass. I'm still not sure but it's growing just like bamboo with leaves and branches, sizing up blotchy looking canes. But the leaves are very very thin and long. A trusted source agrees with me that it is bamboo. I bought it for $5 from the guy who said it was muhly grass. I like it even if it is just grass. I keep it in my heated greenhouse. Some of my bamboos that are only hardy to 0 I wrap and protect for the winter. They are all fine, but I wish I would have done more. We got hit hard this year. P. aureosulcata is the only grove that is well established and I'm not worried about it I know it will still size up but all of the others aren't well established maybe 2 to 3 years. The rufa is extremely hardy it was barely even touched but the scabrida right next to it got hammered. Brown all the way to the ground. I'm seriously concerned about it. Anyway thanks for the help.

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You have most of the same species as me. I've been busy lately so haven't had a chance to check out mine yet, but I think anything that is under the snow over winter depite major freezes well below 0F stays green.

One of the things I've found its that wrapping them up vertically doesn't really protect them, but stacking some heavy branches to weight them to the ground so that they stay under the snow will keep them green. I guess a tarp would work too, but if there's always dependable snow, there's no need.

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Thanks I will try that next year. I've had some success with wrapping them I just wrap them heavy around bamboo stakes so they don't touch the cold fabric. But I will need a new method next year as they are getting to tall for me to wrap. So I'll try your idea. I think all bamboos suffered this year across the u.s. And they say global warming. Ha Ha. We hit 66 degrees today. That's crazy. I really hope they are right so my moso will survive and get huge. I'm borderline as to whether it will live or not. This is the first year in ten years of growing that my bamboo has gotten hit this hard usually I have very little damage.

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Yea it has been one of the coldest winters with the lowest temperature of -9F in perhaps the last 10 years or even longer.

When bamboos get taller, they might be harder to bend to the ground, but at least tying them together might minimize damage. Most of my bamboos (mainly phyllostachys species) stayed green just because of the snow cover, but exposed parts got fried pretty badly. Mine are mostly under 2 years old so they are small enough for me to mound up with snow whenever it gets too cold.

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