Home tissue culture workshops March 14th and April 4th

microfarmer(z9 Sac-o-tomato)January 24, 2009

Kitchen culture education is holding home tissue culture workshops in Las Vegas and Washington DC. The topics will include tropicals, tropical fruits, Bananas, African violets, and many other plants, depending on the classes' interests. There will be lots of class participation! Sign up here...


I am signed up for the Las Vegas location on Saturday, March 14th. The Las Vegas workshop has 20-25 available seats. Hope to see you there!

There is another workshop April 4th in Washington DC. I am not sure how many seats remain for that location. There are other tentative locations depending on the amoumnt of interest from those regions.

(Disclaimer: I have no connection with this workshop, I only would like to see more of them for the good of our plants and their propagation!)


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