Good recommendation for tall clumping bamboo for Northern CA?

artemis78March 20, 2009


Wondered if anyone might have any favorite clumping bamboos that will grow to at least 20-30 feet in the San Francisco Bay Area. We're out of the fog zone and get good sun, but still very moderate summers and mild winters. We're looking to screen three- and four-story apartments in adjacent yards, so the height is critical.

We've had Bambusa oldhamii suggested, but wondered if there were other good options (and what experiences folks have had with that).

Any thoughts would be wonderful--thanks!!

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Oldhamii is good for screening since it grows very upright and doesn't lean outward. Others will take up more space. Oldhamii will probably grow closer to 50 feet tall in your area.

There are dozens of varieties that will do well and grow tall in your area.


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I am in Sacramento Area. where can I buy Oldhamii Bamboo?

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There are several Bamboo Nurseries In California.

This may help: Click Here Scroll down the page to find California Nurseries and their websites.

Good Luck


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