dwarf cavendish dying?

semajic(ozarks z6)January 15, 2007

My dwarf cavendish is in the greenhouse and has produced it's first bunch of banana's. It produced abut 7 hands of 6 bananas each (approx.) The pod than died with only half of it in bananas. Now the tree looks as if it is dying.

Do the trees die after they produce? Is there a solution to the pod dying half way through producing?

Thanks, James

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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

Yes. A banana plant (tree) dies after it produces fruit, some quicker than others. But have no fear. If it hasn't already, the rhizome of the mother plant should produce pups. That's where you want to focus now.


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semajic(ozarks z6)

What to do with it now? Do we cut it down? If so how? like to the dirt level or below? It lives in a greenhouse full of orchids.

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gardenguy_(z6b PA)

Cut down the stem that produced the bananas. Soil level is fine, no need to go deeper and risk damaging what's below. What ever sticks above will just turn brown and dead. The root structure called the corm will send up new shoots, if it hasn't already.

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