What kind of Banana is this?

Jeff_Zone_5bJanuary 2, 2013

They sell them from the Nurseries to the grocery stores to big box hardware stores. I have seen them growing in "forested" areas of Busch Gardens in Florida also.

They always just call them tropical banana lol.


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Musa Zebrina

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Thanks. So a little reading lists them as Musa acuminata now or Blood Banana or the common Red Banana lol.

Most I see around here don't make it past a foot or two tall. Mine pushed almost to 10' at the end of the summer. Native to Indonesia as well. Up here they are used as annuals and in pots. I actually dig mine up and pot them in the green house for the winter. Some I cut the stalks down, I leave a couple full height.

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Wow it's beautiful! It is def a blood banana. I had one this past summer I bought at work (I work at a greenhouse/garden centre). It was no more than a foot high when I bought it and I decided to plant it in the flower bed out front of the house. By September it was about 5'5" so I dug it up and took it to work. The first few weeks the older leaves lost their red blotches and began to wilt but it has since perked up producing several babies. The greenhouse it is in isn't particularly suited for bananas so I'm hopping when I replant it this summer I can get it to look like yours!

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This is a shot of it in the Greenhouse. You can see the old leaves that were torn in the winds we had in the late fall before I dug it out. Plus the news ones pushing out.

From the one plant, I ended up with two large stalks in the pot I didn't cut down, a second large stalk I did cut down, plus 2 or 3 smaller plants that I potted on their own.

It will be going back in the ground in the spring once I know the temps will be above freezing, I'll see where it goes from there.

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also heard it called banana Rojo. mostly an annual around here but I havent seen one that big in awhile.

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Mike, it started out at the beginning of spring as a single 3' stalk. Good watering, full sun and lots of Milogranite really made it grow.

I should of took a picture before I dug them out of the ground for the winter. They were even taller.

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Maybe cut those leaves off so that the new ones have space to grow... If u haven't already that is... ;-)

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