How long do mulberry trees live?

dpittsApril 30, 2007

We have 7 huge mulberry trees. I have read some of the threads on here and know that some people hate them, but I love the shade now and in the summer. However, I think these trees were planted when the house was built (early 70s -- i.e. they are probably 30-35 years old) and was wondering about their life expectancy. They all seem healthy and are still growing a lot!

I don't want all my shade trees to die out at the same time... So should I start planting something else to eventually replace them?


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The mulberries that were in front of my childhood home lived about 50 years. One of them contracted a tree virus(?) and the new owners took them both out.

I also owned a home w/ a 50year old mulberry and it was still growing strong when I sold the home.

I don't know how long they can go. Both homes had SRP irrigation, so they got deep soaking regularly.

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Thanks Phyllis,

We have RWCD irrigation, so they get good deep soakings too. They seem like they are pretty healthy, though we do have a couple big branches that have died in each of the trees and need to be cut out. I don't know if these were ever hacked back like you see most people do with them. They are really huge, and are really tangled in the tops of them. I worry sometimes about big branches breaking out. That has happened a few times, though the wind on Saturday didn't do anything, so I guess I am ok.

I would like to thin them quite a bit, but it seems like that just provokes more growth. Any tips on keeping them under control?

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Info on pruning on this; it specifically addresses the mulberry tree mid-article.

I also find the U of A Extension service to be a great resource for ag information.
This is the link to the Maricopa County extension garden info.

Hope some of this helps.

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There is one in Australia over 170 years old. See it at the following website:,_Kangaroo_Island.html

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