When do you?

tracydr(9b)April 28, 2011

So, I know what the calendar says but when do you like to start your seeds for fall tomatoes? Hot peppers? Sweet peppers? Do you direct seed your cabbage, broccoli and other brassicas or do you like to start those indoors? When do you start them?

It's always seemed so hot when the calendar says to start these things that I haven't believed it, then when I do start them, it's too late. Last year all I got was a bunch of tomato flowers and bean flowers.

Of course, now I have a full sun garden, I may end up frying my seedlings instead and wishing I'd just planted in cooler weather.

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MaryMcP Zone 8b - Phx AZ

Tracy, I'm going to start fall tomato seeds indoors late summer, August maybe.

Last year I sowed broccoli seed directly outside in late October and they did really well. I was thinking I should have reseeded every few weeks for a more continuous crop. I planted them in my 'Cinder Block Garden'. :-) Here's a pic in early Dec

Those bushes behind the broccoli are chiltepin plants which died back in the cold snaps we had. They are struggling to come back. One or two look really good, others not so much.

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Your garden looks great! What variety of broccoli did you use?

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MaryMcP Zone 8b - Phx AZ

Thanks Tracy, that garden is a little pocket of ground on the east side of the house. The broccoli variety was Di Cicco and it was great!

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i LOVE the broccoli in the cinderblocks! I'd love to do that with a nice spreading groundcover. If i had a garden of my own, that is.

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MaryMcP Zone 8b - Phx AZ

Thanks MissionGardens. I got the idea from someone on another forum. I painted each block with some roof insulating rubberized stuff but even with that I doubt I can plant anything in them in summer. It worked great for my fall/winter/spring garden. Carrots are good that way too. Also some garlic.

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I don't expect to have to start new tomato plants. The plants I have are thriving with the 60 percent shade cloth that protects them from the afternoon sun. With a little luck they will soon have 4-6" of mulch protecting them too. I expect them all to still be there when the Fall fruiting season starts. I'm much more concerned with what to do about their size. They are already going over the top of their 7' 5" trellis.

If it turns out I'm wrong (Would not be the 1st time.lol) and they start looking sickly. I will just take cuttings and root them indoors and plant them at the appropriate time. No need to start seeds all over again.

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