Need VERY fast growing shade vines and trees

eadaeinApril 17, 2006

I moved to Vail recently and have an acre of land. The house is already warm and we havenÂt even got close to the upcoming summer temperatures. I wanted to plant some vine that acts like cats claw with its growth, just not so destructive, around the whole house to provide shade, I am also planting a lot of trees and such. Does anyone have any suggestions? I read the Vine faq and there were a lot of ideas, but none focusing on fast growing, good shade providing vines (that I found at least). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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MaryMcP Zone 8b - Phx AZ

eadaein, I've done a bit of research on this subject and have this to say about that!

I chose a Shamel Ash for the front yard. It's a fast grower, looks great now and this is its first spring. For the backyard I'm planning a 'second patio' area that will be three Royal Poinciana's in a grouping, each tree about 20' apart. I believe they are also fast growers and will grow to a wide, flat umbrella if properly trained. The only thing about that Indian Rosewood is the upright shape. For a shade tree I prefer a wide crown, rounded crown or even the vase-shape to an upright. But it depends too on where the tree is going, etc, etc.

There is a free booklet available at most nurseries called Landscape Plants for the Arizona Desert. It has lots of great information. For example, they list the Indian Rosewood tree as a fast grower (40' x 30')with an upright shape, low litter, no thorns and it's a large shade tree. Eucalyptus grow fast but I hate those trees.

Re: the vines the booklet says cat claw grows fast but can damage walls and fences. Think about Lady Banks roses, little maintenance, fast grower, thick evergreen. I guess I would put a sturdy trellis around the house for whatever you plant to climb up so it's not climbing right onto the house. Just an idea. HTH and good luck.

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For your location in Vail you'll need something that is hardy down into the low 20's or high teens and isn't a water hog. Why not look into the various mesquite varieties? I especially like the thornless Honey Mesquite called 'Maverick' and of course the native Velvet Mesquite. You could also use the Chilean varieties. The Afghan pines do well in your area and are also fast growers. Unfortunately the Indian Rosewood mentioned above is only hardy to 25 degrees. I've found that the Blue Palo Verde and the new thornless Palo Verde hybrids grow fast and both are hardy to 15 degrees.

As for a vine how about Trumpet Creeper (Campsis radicans) or a Lady Banks Rose? The Lady Banks will need support when young but develops strong woody stems as it matures. Plus the flowers are fragrant and pretty.

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For temporary shade, try Scarlet Runner Beans or Purple Hyacinth Beans. They are both annuals.

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Contact "Trees for Tucson" (even tho you are in Vail) they offer 2 very low cost ($5) trees per address. Current offerings are mesquite and blue palo verde, either wil do fine in Vail. Avoid the Willow acacia as they can be very invasive into sewers and water lines.

Be sure you water deeply so the roots grow deeply on your trees. Otherwise any tree can heave your walls or foundations. Tucson Water has a free booklet, "Landscape Watering by the Numbers" with all the details.

Good Luck

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I bought a 1 gallon snail vine last year that has taken over the trellis and string supports LIKE CRAZY...It has hundreds of flowers all I really did to it is ad water

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MaryMcP Zone 8b - Phx AZ

Is your snail vine in full sun? Baker's told me yesterday it will not tolerate full sun all day. Just curious. I bought a pink trumpet vine (podranea r.) instead but really wanted the snail vine.

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Its in my east back yard up against a brick wall and

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Someone suggest Bamboo as a fast growing hedge/wall. I am trying to isolate my neighbours back yard. Any comments.??

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