Fungus gnats

stockwell(6)March 17, 2007

I have always had a problem with these pests when I bring a few boo's in the house for the winter. I tried some stuff from Gardens Alive which did absolutely nothing. I resigned myself to sucking them up with a Dustbuster and letting the plant dry out a bit. Then, I happened to water one day with miracle gro and lo and behold it got rid of them! I haven't any since I used the stuff. It's amazing how well it worked, try it out and let me know if it's a fluke or not.

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Tried it out a couple of days ago.
It worked. I have to admit, I am surprised.
No gnats since 2 days ago.
GO figure, all winter long I put up with those things for no reason, well, now I know.

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I definitely WILL try that, THANKS for the tip! I always seem to get it (from potting soil you get at the store), and those yellow sticky traps don't get rid of them all, and the bt didn't do anything either. I'll definitely try that. The fungus gnats are usually worse in the winter, btw.

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Glad it worked. I'm still 100% gnat free on all plants. I still can't believe I was able to get rid of them.

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The problem with miracle grow is it kills everything else in your soil. Good bacteria and fungi.
Another way I've found to get rid of them is to cover the surface of the soil in the pot with about 3/8 inch of sand. They can't multiply then and they are gone.
I've had the house full before and the sand worked!
But if I get overwelled again, I might go for the miracle grow Death squad!

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My gnats are on the the to kill list tomorrow.

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New2bamboo, I'll definitely try the sand! I hate to destroy the good bacteria.

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