Tecoma Stans 'Orange Jubilee'

ejmammo(8)April 1, 2011

Hi all,

I am in my first half of a year of a new home with a very nicely landscaped yard in the Vail area. Unfortunately we took a big hit from the freezing weather like everyone else. So I am slowly hoping some things will bounce back.I am finally seeing new growth on a fan tex ash, and 2 pink desert willows. But my question is with the Tecoma Stans, I had three huge ones, that all look deader than dead. I have scraped the bark on all the branches and see no green. So my question is are they history? I did a test on the smaller one, and cut it down to 18 inches from 10 ft or better, but the remaining "sticks" seem very dry and frankly dead. Is there any hope for these, or should I start over? Thanks

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The desert willow and the ash can stand a lot of freezing. My willow is just leafing out, with a few buds.

Tecoma stans, unfortunately, is not freeze tolerant even in Phoenix, and we're warmer than you. I'd leave the pruned down plant for another month and see if it sprouts anything from below ground.

If not, perhaps reconsider its use and find something a bit more freeze tolerant for that location.

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Tecoma stans is an annual out in Colorado

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Has it sprouted any green yet? We just planted a few here. I don't know how similar the cold tolerance is between cape honeysuckle and orange jubilee, but our cape honeysuckle froze to the ground (they were over 6 feet tall!) I had to cut them down to the ground, but they are growing back very quickly. Every stem was dead, but new growth came from the base. Hope your jubilee are doing better!

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Hi Kelly,
Funny thing is, the two I did not cut down, which one is over ten feet wide, and 12 feet tall, and another 10 X 10, have this week sent up new growth from the root system and the biggest one even has two small "plants" like 12 feet from the base. The one I cut down has shown no activity. It will be OK, because the reason I cut it was because it is within 12 ft of our new pool, and it was putting all it's dead leaves in the pool. I hope to replace it with a fantail, or palm of some sort. I wonder how long I should wait to cut the dead stuff from the other ones? I want all the energy going to the new growth!!

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we have about a dozen Orange Jubilee which are about 8 years old. I was pruning them to be trees and they got very tall and dropped orange flowers everywhere. Decided I
would rather have them be hedge plants rather than trees, so we cut them down to the ground. They are all coming right back up, healthy and lively. This is the third time they have been cut down to the ground. Some of ours froze this past winter, and they were cut down and are on their way back up. They grow VERY fast.

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Mine (PV area) froze to the ground but are recovering.

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crista(Sunset 13)

My orange jubilees in Gilbert froze back nearly to the ground - as they had in the BF of 2007 - but have grown back and are now about five feet tall. They need water and fertilizer to come back more quickly, I found, and then they do fine. Mine is near the pool as well and for that reason I trimmed back the branches over six feet tall that had crispy leaves after the freeze, figuring they were goners, and that prevented a lot of the dead leaves from landing in the pool. I wouldn't use this variety any place that didn't have mild winters, though.

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I planted 2 orange jubalee shrubs. They have been in the ground since april and I have not seen any signs of growth. They get wilty from the heat and I water on a regular basis by hand filling their foot in diameter "bowl". The soil is a mix of the natural sandy/rocky soil mixed with mulch. What can I do to get typical results.

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123sheila ... What do you mean by "on a regular basis"?

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