white flies on grapes vines and leaves

lumber5607(Scottsdale)April 1, 2006

Gardeners - Need some advice!

I've had grape vines that each year grow larger, grander, and produce more fruit. Last year, a white fly type insect (very small) began living on my vines. The nursery told me to use pesticide, but only after harvesting my grapes, so, I kept on fertilizing, and growing through the summer - grapes were fine, regardless of the pests. But there were zillions. Then, after harvest, I used pesticide to eradicate, but was never able to.

Fast forward to this year - without the leaves over winter, it looked like the flies were wiped out. But, now as its in high speed growth mode, I see little clear egg shapes on the vines, and the flies seem to be coming back.

Does anyone know what I should do? I want to eat the grapes that will come later in the season (have 16 clumps forming already). But want these flies dead.

Last year Home Depot had bags of Ladybugs - perhaps buying several of those and letting them loose? I don't know if they have them this year...

Thoughts, Suggestions??? Thanks!

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port_a_bella(z9 AZ)

hi there... i don't know if this will be much help to you, but i use a mixture of water and dishsoap, and spray it on my plants, in the late evening. it makes the plant too slippery for the flies. in my opinoin, it works. you are not supposed to use pesticides on anything that you want to eat, plus it usually kills benifical insects as well. good luck.


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frangipaniaz(z9 Az)

Also keep an eye open for skeletonizers... black flies that that destroy the vine... they also have larvae all over that look like pretty yellow and purple caterpillars but they bite... my mom and I just picked a bunch of grape leaves today and made dolma (heck, I can't spell it)... mmmmm

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port_a_bella(z9 AZ)

oh, i almost forgot... i also mix earthworm casting into the soil around the plants. it gets absorbed into the plant and the whitefies hate the way the plant tastes.

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