Can invasive bamboo sprout from fine roots?

lceh(7)March 6, 2007

We inherited a very large grove of invasive bamboo when we bought our house. We've finally begun the process of trying to eradicate/contain it. My husband clear-cut the grove this weekend, and we're having someone come in with a Bobcat to take out the runners and stumps (an aside: any advice here would be appreciated, we're kind of winging it). We're also going to sink a thick plastic barrier around the perimeter of our property to try to keep it at bay.

Here's my question: After generations of birds nesting and leaves falling in this grove, the topsoil is AMAZING -- black, crumbly, wormy, and generally to die for. I want to dig out as much as possible from between the stumps before the Bobcat comes it and, alas, carts most of it away with the runners. However, as I dig, I can tell the soil is full of little roots -- not big runners, mind you, but very fine little roots that tear easily. There are far too many to try to separate from the dug soil. If I work this soil into my new garden bed, am I going to be making a colossally stupid mistake and transferring bamboo to my front garden? Or will the roots simply rot and become more yummy compost?

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daveh_sf(San Francisco)

Don't worry, the fine roots won't grow. Only the rhizomes are able to survive.

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bambooo(6 CT USA)

Not from the roots as the roots do not have buds, but you will probably not get all of the rhizomes with the bobcat, that will require monitoring.

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wildbillgt(Z8 WA ST)

I wonder how the bobcat is going to do, I would recommend something larger like a case 580 backhoe, does the bobcat have a backhoe attachment? does he plan on taking a run at it and trying to dig with the front bucket?

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Actually, after doing more research we've changed our plan of attack. Instead of the backhoe, we're going to try isolating the chunk we want to kill by trenching around it, then mowing the heck out of it until it gives up. Seems less drastic and less messy.

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A related question--will bamboo that is cut and used for trellises in the gardent sprout roots?

We cut a bunch of bamboo from a neighbor trying to clear a stand of invasive bamboo and plan to use it for trellises in our vegetable garden. Before we do this, we really want to make sure the green stalks won't sprout roots once in the ground. Do they need to be dried first?

Any input is most appreciated. Thanks!


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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

You've heard too many scary stories about bamboo. Running bamboo won't root from cuttings stuck in the ground. There are a few tropical, non-running bamboo that might be able to be rooted from cut culms, but it would be very difficult, and in your Zone you likely wouldn't have any. Even if it rooted, you'd notice leaves and you'd be able to pull it out of the ground before it developed any appreciable root system. Bamboo gets invasive when you don't do basic maintenance until years after it's planted. I'm betting that's exactly what the situation is with your neighbor. Don't worry about the bamboo stakes you want to use. If it roots, contact me and I'll get on a plane to document the miracle and remove it.

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Thank you kudzu!!!! Exactly what I wanted to hear!

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we use bamboo to stake our veggies in the garden and we also have built many things out of it. we have trellis's all over the yard made of bamboo with various vines climbing them and they are simply beautiful and the best part is they didnt cost us a dime. we got many many compliments on our yard and we have paid very little for the landscape.
bamboo stakes WILL NOT root. so dont worry about that and stake your veggies with them.

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