fig sprouting from rootstock

xillApril 15, 2013

here's a photo of my newly planted black mission fig (couple weeks ago). it's sprouting a few leaves from the base. it looks like it's from the root stock, but it's hard to tell because there was another base that was cut and the main fig tree is growing from a different base/rootstock. the leaves that are sprouting look like fig leaves too. I've always heard that it was important to remove any leaves from the rootstocks of any trees, but I really really would LOVE to have a multi-trunk fig. is it safe to let these little guys continue growing, or should I definitely remove them?

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In this case its safe to let it grow. Its almost one hundred percent sure that its not grafted. I have seen and grown many figs from cuttings. When not grown from a apical bud the top branch that grows out of the scion assumed the role of top of the tree and grows vertical. The root and the tree are one and always have been. its not a scion attached to a root stock.

The one exception would be.....

Bud grafted fig trees. Which with fig trees are generally only done with patented or rare varieties.

In a few more years you won't be able to see that part of the scion on the side that dried up becasue it will completely heal over.

I would just let it grow into something like this.

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