All my bananas are dying

nyssaman(Z6 ON)January 6, 2009

I'm sad because all my Bananas seem to be dying - they were a little too wet when I brought them inside because I had to repot some of the pups. I sprayed them down with an anti fungal. most all turned black with mold (too cold and damp I guess). I lost my red Absyn.. about 2 months ago.. My basjoo was reaching near 6 feet - I had to cut it back to a foot and a half- it seems to be okay If I can get it through to spring. My Siam ruby is in intensive My Cavendish is trucking along. I'm pretty sure I lost one zebrina the other might be okay. I have moved them up into my bedroom..LMAO - does not make for a happy marriage - it is about 70 there right in the window with some supplimental light. My Musella lasiocarpa ( still in the basement) is strong also - I strongly recommend for northern growers.I'm thinking these bananas should be put in a tray of water - rather than water over the corm (rot) - I'm wondering what the experts think - and what about a winter fertilizing routine just to give them some strength to pull them back from the brink.Also what about about a typical watering schedule? - I do have a moisture meter. Any help would be appreciated.


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sorry to hear about your dead bananas. When I over-winter tropicals indoors I usually put a clear plastic bag around the top of the pot to keep the humidity in. I have had banana plants put out many pups in February using this method. If the plants are growing it is fine to use fertilizer. So far, I have only lost one tropical plant this winter which is a Dwarf Gran Naine, I have been having trouble with this cultivar this far north for a few years now. Luckly I still have several pups left from the mother and other divisions.

From my experience the best performing bananas plants in Canada are Orinoco, Manzanno, Sikkimensis, Basjoo, Musella Lasiocarpa.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA


I'm not sure why your bananas are having problems. Did you remove most of the leaves when you brought them in? Had they always been in pots or did you dig them up from ground last summer? What temps have they been experiencing? Need more information. Red Abbie is about the easiest of all to winter over. I chopped mine down to about 3 feet. New leaf has grown about a foot. All my bananas are in a cool garage (45-60 degrees F - not sure what that is in C). Low light, and kept on the dry side, but I do water a little if I feel soil is bone dry.

Zebrinas seem to be a bit more finicky. I don't think winter fertilization does any good unless you are growing them in a green house with lots of sun.

I have a Siam Ruby that I'm keeping growing (water more) and another that I've chopped and trying to keep semi-dormant (water less). Both in garage in cool temps, but well above freezing.

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