Inherited 10' Indoor Bamboo is dying help!

EricaBambooMarch 31, 2011

I recently inherited a 10' potted indoor bamboo plant from my boss. It wasn't thriving there so he gave it to me to try to revive. Of course as soon as I take it, it takes a turn for the worse!!

I don't know if it's not getting enough sunlight, not enough water, too much water, are the windows too drafty, is my apartment too cold? What's going on! I thought these things were pretty resilient. Shows how much I know!

I water it a good amount about once a week and it is in a north facing room which gets light, but not a ton of direct light. There is still slight new growth, but all the ends of the blades are dying. and quickly.

any help would be wonderful! this plant is a beauty, I'd hate to be sending it to its demise!

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)

Bamboo can be grown indoors with varying degrees of success. They like to be kept moist and the more light the better. My question is: how big is the pot and how long has the bamboo been in it? Bamboo need to be re-potted periodically. Also, if you can post a photo it would help.

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