Mekong Giant Banana

tristanpierson(6b)January 21, 2013

Just thought id let everyone know what a Mekong banana looks like.

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I bought one of those last year. I didn't have a place in the yard selected yet, so I left it in the pot on my porch over the winter. I hope to plant it this year. Do they really get 40' tall?

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I'd say only in their native habitat.

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there are some here in KY that are around 17-20 ft but I have never seen one at 40'. watch out for the rhizomes they can run and do some damage if there in the wrong place..some I have seen ( and tripped over) are as big around as a soda can.

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This is a nice variety of banana--especially for those in colder zones. (Believe I have seen it posted at hardy from Zone 6 and up!). I left my bananas in a cold garage over he winter. The suvivors were...

Abyssinian, Basjoo, Chinese yellow, Himalayan, and this one.

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My Mekong Giant surprised me this evening when I noticed a offset bursting out of the soil about 10 ft from the parent plant. I planted it this spring from a plant I overwintered in a plastic pot, after buying it last summer. It is presently about 12-15ft. As I have generally good luck growing plant to large size, this should be interesting. Seems I will have to warn my neighbors about renegade bananas coming up on their property. Perhaps I should try a root barrier.

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