Fargesia scabrida - how much sun???

bobcat(z5 OH)March 8, 2007

Hi and thanks in advance for any help.

I'm looking at a putting another boo in and would like a nice scab. But the spot gets a little less than half days sun. Probably. That would be afternoon sun. I am getting rather conflicting reports about this one. I know the fargesia rule of thumb is dappled sun to shade, but some sites are saying this one can take more. Also, of my three rufas, the one that gets the most sun looks the healthiest.

Suggestions? Just a do a runner and contain it?

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'Rufa' and 'Scabrida' are two entirely different plants in my experience. 'Rufa' seems to be in a class completely by itself for robustness.
I would err on the side of shade with 'Scabrida' or, yes, go with something else.

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