Raja Puri's December Bloom

bananafanJanuary 12, 2008

This Raja Puri bloomed in late December. I was worried it might not survive the cold. Fortunately the bloom didn't open until after the freezing temp. This week, a few hands appear and they look promising (except for some blotches on the fingers).

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Very nice ! If you have any extra pups contact me

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This plant has had some knocks from the cold spell. The growth of the fruit seems to have stalled and I'm hoping that it will hang in there and do better after the weather warms up. I plan to keep all of its pups. It is an early fruiter and it will be nice if you can get one to plant soon. Thanks for the kind comments.

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Good luck !
What temps did it see ? Odds are and i hate to be the one to tell you but your probaly going to lose that fruit.

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