my rootless piyo-piyo

mariehass(6)March 10, 2014

I purchased a piyo-piyo from Edens Blooms, expecting it to now have roots. It does not, but it is starting to put out a leaf.

I am over my head, especially after reading what everyone else has posted. Please tell me how to prepare this bulb, what to plant it in, etc to encourage rooting and growth.

It is quite small.

Thanks for your help,


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Hi Marie, I probably won't be of much help determining what to do with your Piyo Piyo but I have 2 of them; one tiny and the other even smaller! The larger of the two has rooted and possesses one leaf while the other has no roots and no leaves. So, upon inspection for your question I decided to cut a sliver off of the basal plate of the rootless one, not that I thought it was overgrown but out of desperation and in hopes that it may stimulate the bulb to do something, anything!!

If yours is attempting to grow a leaf then I would probably just sit it on top of moderately damp earth and keep an eye on the bottom of the bulb and hope for the best. I wouldn't keep watering it though. You may use some rooting hormone if you wish, I will admit that I haven't only because mine got lost under some of my husband's junk in the garage and I never got around to buying more.

I think it's just a matter of the luck of the draw as to why some of these bulbs will develop roots and some not. Of course those bulbs with rot are a whole other issue.

When I saw Bill's lovely pictures on Tennyo I was so tempted to buy 2 but for the first time sanity prevailed!

Maybe someone else will have some more useful advice and good luck!!


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Donna, thank you. I had no idea what I was getting into with this one. The bulb looked like it was old with a thick hard dry basal plate. It is smaller than a golf ball in size. I almost don't see how it could develop roots!

I will try your suggestions.


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Just like you say, smaller than a golf ball. But take a look at the lovely picture of Piyo Piyo on Blanca's thread, something for us to strive for.âºâºâº

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Oh my! Piyo-piyo IS very cute. Now I understand what I have gotten into. I can only hope.

I'll keep you posted. I have the bulb in a very warm and direct sun window. Already the leaf is up a quarter inch more than yesterday.

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I purchased a Piyo-piyo from Edens Blooms probably in 2011. It just sat in the potting soil doing NOTHING for about a year. It didn't get larger, smaller, or change in ANY way. I then placed it on top of the soil for a few months, and still nothing. Out of desperation, I put some bottom heat under it, and, within a few weeks, leaves began to appear. Approximately 2 years after first potting it, the loveliest yellow bloom came from that bulb--so small and delicate. It was well worth the wait, and the bulb has grown since blooming last summer. If you want a photo, let me know, and I'll try to upload it. Nancy (bulbmaniac)

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Hi, Nancy!!!



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