Hazel Nut Trees

mamabear_86322(7)April 7, 2008

I live at 3600 feet elevation and have planted 5 Hazelnut trees (bare root stock) that I ordered on line through Gurney's Seed. The little 2 foot trees are coming to life and I did have one survive last year's winter and it is also coming back to life, though smaller than the new bare root stock I planted this year. You have to have more than 1 tree for cross polination and I ended up with 5.

My question is, has anyone else in Arizona grown Hazelnut trees successfully? If so, what hints do you have. Should I "shelter" these trees from the hot dry winds and hot sun?

Pecan trees, Pistacio and walnut trees grow here...I am hoping the Hazelnut trees will also do well here. The Pecan trees in our area are gigantic and bountiful with large delicious nuts. Our little town even has a Pecan and Wine Festival every Spring.

Anyone who has grown Hazelnuts in Arizona, please let me know of your successes or failures.

Many thanks,


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You could contact Cooperative Extension, but it does seem to be listed to grow in AZ

Filberts are a cash crop in sun-intense and dry Sicily

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Thank you very much....this answered many of my questions. Thanks for the information.

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Mamabear - I am also in AZ high desert (Kingman) and am interested in planting hazelnut trees. How are yours doing now? How big are they? Have you had any trouble growing them? I really only want one, but it seems they have to be planted in pairs (or more) to pollinate... do you know how close together they need to be? Thanks for any feedback.

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