eating/preserving bamboo shoots

hank11(8 Northern Ca.)March 27, 2010

This year we have an abundance of Phy. Dulcis (Sweetshoot) popping up in an area we don't want to expand the grove. We've been enjoying lots of bamboo stir fry and have given some away. I'm trying to figure out the best way to keep some for later. Can I freeze it? Does it have to be cooked or raw? Any info or ideas would be appreciated.

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kudzu9(Zone 8a - PNW)


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You can pick the shoots up and par boil them and then jar them and boil the jars for like 2 hours and these should keep for at least a year. You can also freeze them but it wouldn't taste as good.

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hank11, those bamboo shoots can definitely be frozen and kept for later. Actually many Asian supermarkets sell them shoots frozen; I find them tastier than the canned ones, but nothing beats the fresh ones of course.
I'd just clean them, pat dry, then freeze; there's no need to boil them if you're going to put them in the freezer otherwise they become mushy when thawed.

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forever_a_newbie(z7/8 VA)

Yes freeze them and later you can add them to the soup.

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hank11(8 Northern Ca.)

Do the shoots need to be peeled before freezing?

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Usually I just wrap them up whole and put in the freezer, but they usually get eaten within two weeks or so; sometimes quicker! But I recall if you want to keep them frozen longer - like maybe more than two months you may want to peel and parboil them first. Also, if the shoots are from the bitter and astringent species - boiling them with a handfull of rice seem to take out the bitter taste.

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PS. you can also slice the shoots into thin and flat pieces for drying. Dried shoots can keep a long time; when ready to use just soak them about 12hrs beforehand.

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