Peach Tree Pests

chatterApril 24, 2013

Does anyone know what this critter (pic. posted) I found on my peach tree is? There seems to be tens of them, so far there is very minimal damage to the leaves. I don't want to do anything to harm these guys if they are not harmful to the tree. Tree was planted last year in September.

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DWA in AZ Sunset zone 12(9a Tucson AZ)

it looks like an immature praying mantis--maybe they were eating whatever was nibbling your trees?

Here is a link that might be useful: mantis nymph

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I was hoping they were praying mantis... I have aphids problem on my roses, I should transfer a few of these guys to the roses, see what happens :)

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This is the nymph stage of an insect such as Assassin Bug, Damsel Bug, Leaf Footed Plant Bug, etc. Some are great predators of other bugs while others pierce the cells of leaves or fruit and sip fluid. Notice their long piercing mouthpart.

Here is a link that might be useful: Natural Enemies

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crista(Sunset 13)

That is a very cool link to predators, aztreelvr! Thanks!

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Aztreelvr, thank you for the link... Looks like mine is Assassin Bug, I am not sure if they are the good guys or the bad guys for Peaches, but I am trying to transfer them over to the rose bushes where they can find an abundance of Aphids for snack... I am surprised they won't travel on their own for just a few feet to eat... I will post more pictures up as they become adults, assuming they won't leave by then...

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