Phyll. dulcis vs. Phyllo. decora

treeguy_ny USDA z6a WNYMarch 11, 2007


I've decided to plant one of these two species but cannot pick which one. Between the two, I'm looking for the one that will get the tallest with the thickest canes.

I live in USDA zone 6a. Avg winter min is somewhere around -5F (I got access to past 50 years of weather station data). When the temps do drop below zero it is usually only for a couple scattered days in late winter(they haven't done so these past two years). We have pretty consistent snow cover from mid-December through the end of February. Summers are not excessively hot, rarely going above 90F, and moderately humid.

Any suggestions as to which would perform better in my climate? I already have some two/three year old plantings of P. atrovaginata, P. nuda, P. rubromarginata, and P. nigra 'henon' - all of which are doing well. I also have P. aureosulcata 'spectabilis' on the way this spring.

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I am in 8a Dallas but maybe this will give you an idea about Dulcis. I am a bit unhappy with its size so far but its also growing in terrible dirt/clay. It has yet to come up this spring so waiting to see what size I get this year. Hopefully I get at least 1.5 - 2 inch culms but to me this seems small after 3-4 yrs in the ground already.

Here is a link that might be useful: Boo

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treeguy_ny USDA z6a WNY

kevip711 - thanks for the pictures and input. The planting spot I have in mind has pretty good soil. The rubromarginata, nuda, and atrovaginata are adjacent to this spot and are all doing really well.

Anybody else have advise/experience/input? Thanks!

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both are about equally hardy, the manii decora may be just slightly hardier, but not enough to really make a diference. having said that, the dulcis will produce fatter culms, and in less time, forming an open grove, the manii decora will probably end up a bit taller, with less thick culms but wil make a tighter grove.

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