my budha belly is dying

lucarettMarch 15, 2008

hi, im a newbie here, and a newbie to bamboos. a friend gave me a giant buddha belly bamboo. he left for a month and when he came back his bamboo is dying. it is still in a polyester bag. the soil is very dry and the bamboo turns yellow and there are 3 green leaves left at the tip. what can i do help it survive?

and oh, i live in the philippines.

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Sounds like it needs water and it would help to plant it in the ground, or a large pot.

The roots and rhizomes need room to grow in order for the plant to remain healthy.

Too much sun, or too little sun can sometimes be a problem.

Does the bag have good drainage holes?


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its on the ground now, dug a hole and put a compost in it, watered it well. it gets 5 hours of direct sunlight from sunrise to 11 am. is it enough?

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I have some in a pot that I keep in complete shade during the Summer months, to keep it from drying out while I'm away, and it does just fine.

In the ground, 5 hours should be enough, although it does like full sun, all day long, as long as it gets enough water and doesn't dry out.


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