BANANA Musa - Double/Mahoi and ice cream banana

lycheeluva(6/7)February 20, 2008

has anyone grown either of these varieties- can they be grown in a large container?

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The Ice Cream aka Blue Java gets big. Mine was at least 9 or 10 feet tall. If you still want to try, I might have a small ice cream pup to trade.

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

Double Mahoi can be grown in a container. Mine seems to be more subjective to root rot than some of the others in containers so be careful especially in the winter with the watering. Also my Double Mahoi (6 ft) does not seem to sucker near as much as the other bananas that I have, until it actually flowers.
Some other good edible ones for containers are dwarf cavendish (5 ft), dwarf orinco (5-6 ft.), grand nain (6-8ft). The dwarf brazilian also only get to 7-9 ft and has edible fruit- I haven't tried that one but it seems like it might do okay in a container as well, maybe someone else can comment on that variety.

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I bought a Double Mahoi from Florida Hill Nursery so they said it was, but it suckers alot after about 3 months. There is 2 suckers and one is almost as tall as the original plant. Its about 8in tall now. Can a Double Mahoi sucker a lot or maybe did they send me something different ?

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I just removed pups from my potted double Mahoi I bought at Walmart and I counted 19 off one plant. I bet 12-14 will survive. Ft Myers fl.

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Hi, i need help! I really want a Double Mahoi plant! I'm from Portugal, anyone know were i can get it? A international seller?

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