Bamboo Identification?

randy_tn(z6 TN)March 22, 2008


I am trying to ID this bamboo growing at a friends house. It has been there for at least 10 years. The max culm diameter is 2", but most are 1 - 1 1/2". I cut one of the taller culms and laid it out on the ground and it measured 39 feet(Measured with tape). There were several that were a little taller but most were 28-35 feet. It is located in Middle Tennessee in a partially shaded area along a creek. The max. distance between nodes was 14" but most were less. I know its not golden or yellow groove as I know what these look like. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Mystery Bamboo

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hank11(8 Northern Ca.)

sounds like p. henon. a pic of the cane and top would help. was the cane thick or thin walled?

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randy_tn(z6 TN)

If you click on the link " Mystery Bamboo " at the bottom of the page there are a dozen or so pics to view.


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Looks like P. nigra Henon. If it is, you can scratch off the waxy coating on the culms with your fingernail. Try it and see. Some other bamboos have a powder, instead of a wax coating.


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randy_tn(z6 TN)

Hello and thanks for the response.

hank111 - The cane was almost 1/4" thick at the base, but on up it was about 1/8" to 3/16".

kentuck - I tried scratching the culms and it did leave a mark, but there's not much of that waxy coating on them.

This bamboo doesn't look quite like the pics I've seen on the web for P.nigra Henon. Although the culms on the inside of the grove do have a slight grayish cast, the outside ones don't exhibit the grayish casting. Since I've never seen P. nigra Henon in person, I will defer to the experts here.

Thanks again for your help.


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My Bory culms also have the grayish colour to them, and just like the Henon, some don't have the gray colour, at least until they get older.

It should be shooting soon, so if you could get a photo of the newly emerging shoots, this would be very helpful.


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